Saturday, 19 October 2013


The 1st and 8th September saw baptisms taking place in the villages of AMALJEL AND VOLOIAC.

At Amaljel, Gheorghe and Maria rejoiced in the baptism of 7 adults (wearing white in the picture)... 

.....and the blessing of a baby boy, the grandson of another church member, in a wonderful service of celebration. 

At Voloiac, a further 3 baptisms took place.

Both churches, along with at least 5 others, were built by Gheorghe over a period of 20 years (often literally with his own hands!) so to see them filled with villagers is a particular source of joy. 

Gifts For Romania is a registered charity to provide financial and practical support to those ministering in rural villages in Romania

This work includes 
  • the building of churches, 
  • community support, 
  • helping with medical treatment, electricity and well building,
  • work among the Roma,
  • holiday clubs for young people,
  • meeting the needs of the poor.
We support a number of Romanian missionary couples, headed by experienced Romanian church workers Gheorghe and Maria Tulbure. 

We hope to use this space for updates, stories of our work and sharing the blessings of this ministry. We have met some amazing characters along the way, and seen our share of miracles and transformations. 

In an age hungry for hope, we have found it in abundance. Join with us in celebrating our ongoing story.